$199.00 USD

Desensitizing Secrets Master Class Level 1

Transform your horse from spooky and reactive to quiet and calm with this comprehensive Master Class!

What you'll learn:

  • Equine Psychology - flight or fight instincts
  • Approach & Retreat
  • Getting creative with Desensitizing Tools
  • and MORE!

Disclaimer: The following course was taught and performed by a professional horse trainer and is intended for demonstration purposes only. Due to their sometimes erratic and unpredictable nature, horses, horse activities, and horse training can be very dangerous. 

Do not attempt any of these training demonstrations without the guidance of a professional horse trainer, proper personal education and training, supervision, safety equipment, and facilities. Reata Horsemanship LLC, Lady Horse Boss LLC, Luke Brown, or any of its/their employees, volunteers, associates, agents, sponsors, or producers of this video are liable or responsible for injury(ies) or loss resulting from engaging in equine-related activities including these exercises and demonstrations for horse and rider.