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Plastic bags, mud puddles, arena banners, scurrying wildlife on the trail - all of these are things we as horse owners might encounter when riding out on the trail or in the arena. If your horse hasn't been properly desensitized, stumbling upon these objects that move and make a noise can prove to be a scary situation! 

Are you tired of managing your spooky, reactive horse on a daily basis? This usually looks like planning your rides around your horse's preferences, not yours. Your precious time in the saddle should be filled with adventure and enjoyment - not fear and anxiety. 

In our comprehensive online video course, Desensitizing Secrets Master Class: Level 1, renowned trainer and equine behavior specialist, Luke Brown, will guide you step-by-step through the fundamentals of creating a safe, quiet, and respectful equine partner. 

Discover the Fundamentals of Desensitizing for a Safer Horse

In this course, you will gain a solid foundation in desensitizing techniques that will revolutionize your horsemanship journey. You'll delve into the basics of equine psychology, understanding your horse's fight or flight instincts, and leveraging that knowledge to introduce new objects and build trust. By mastering the art of applying and releasing pressure, you'll create a calm and confident environment for both you and your horse.

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Perfect for Riders of All Levels Seeking a Quieter & More Relaxed Horse


Whether you're a beginner seeking guidance in developing a safer horse or an experienced rider aiming to enhance your horsemanship skills, this Desensitizing Secrets Master Class course is tailored to meet your needs. If you struggle with flighty, spooky, or reactive horses, this course will provide you with the tools and techniques to transform your horse into a calm, relaxed, and responsive partner.

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Throughout the course, you'll embark on a module-by-module journey, all from the comfort of your own home. Engage with Luke Brown, renowned horseman and your expert instructor, as he guides you through in-depth video demonstrations and comprehensive teachings. You'll gain insights into introducing new objects, laying down foundational groundwork exercises, and applying pressure in a manner that nurtures trust and builds a lasting connection.

Throughout the course, you will:

  • Learn the basics of equine psychology and how their fight or flight instincts influence behavior.
  • Learn how to safely introduce new objects to your horse
  • Develop¬†trust between you and your horse
  • Witness real progress with horses fresh to the Reata Horsemanship training program - this will help you to troubleshoot when problems inevitably arise.
  • and MORE!

Invest in Your Horse's Future Today! 

Don't let spookiness and reactivity hinder your horsemanship journey any longer. Join Desensitizing Secrets Master Class: Level 1 and unlock the secrets to a safer, more relaxing relationship with your horse. Enroll now to gain immediate access to the course materials and embark on this transformative journey.


We are proud to offer different levels of participation to suit your goals and your budget. 



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