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Learn Reata Horsemanship methods, transform the relationship with your horse, and apply the life skills and mindset you need to in order to Live your Best Life. 

My name is Luke Brown, professional horse trainer and equine behavior specialist. I'm excited to bring you along on this journey as you put in the work to create a safer and more enjoyable relationship with your horses.  


I'm Luke Brown

After growing up on a sheep and cattle ranch in Colorado and getting my Doctoral Degree in Physical Therapy, I turned back to my roots and started training horses for a living.  Now, my wife, Stacy, and I and our children live in San Tan Valley, AZ where we train horses, give private horsemanship lessons, and conduct horsemanship clinics. 

We have created virtual horsemanship courses and clinics to help many more people seeking to learn horsemanship at the tips of their fingers.

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About Reata Horsemanship

Learn why Reata Horsemanship produces incredibly well-trained horses and owners alike! Allow me to walk you through our mission and how Reata Horsemanship came to be. 

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We've created easy-to-follow digital horsemanship courses so you can learn the groundwork and riding principles that will keep you confident & safe!

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Placing your horse in good hands for training is vital, but so is learning how to be an effective leader yourself! Learn more about booking a clinic or private lesson. 

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Check out this Transformation!

 Whisper the Mustang Mare


"You can't have that mare.  She's crazy.  No, seriously.  She's crazy. You really can't have her." 

These were the words of the head trainer from the prison program Whisper was a part of.  No matter how much the trainer tried to convince her, Whisper's new owner knew she was the one for her from the time she laid eyes on her, and she wouldn't take "no" for an answer.  She was determined, and took Whisper home, later to send her to Luke for just 6 weeks of his training program. 

This was a fun, yet challenging mare Luke had the pleasure of training through his program in 2022. Through implementing Reata Horsemanship methods, we were able to take this beautiful mustang mare from wild and untouched to relaxed, confident, and willing. 

No matter your horse's background, it is our mission at Reata Horsemanship to make the most of every horseand we want to help you do the same.

Are you a horse lover looking for something more?

  • Seeking a trainer matched for your horse's needs?
  • Looking to train him or her yourself?
  • Wanting to learn and refine your knowledge and skills through private sessions and clinics?
  • Seeking a community of support and online video training to help you and your horse?
  • Feeling like you aren't living up to your potential?

Reata Horsemanship is where you'll find the answers!




Take control of your horsemanship goals with our comprehensive digital courses.

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Reata Horsemanship Monthly Membership

Have direct access to all our horsemanship courses, life coaching material and programs, and a community of like-minded members all striving to live our best horse life!


Building the Foundation of Your Dream Horse: Virtual Clinic

Get access to all the lessons applied in the Reata Horsemanship's Building the Foundation of Your Dream Horse Clinic without leaving your computer or phone!


Desensitizing Secrets Master Class Level 1

Learn step-by-step the fundamentals to desensitizing your horse with the goal of creating a safer and more reliable equine partner. 



The Fundamentals of Desensitizing

A Guide to Horse Desensitizing The Reata Way 

An introductory guide to the fundamental need to desensitize our horse companions for improved safety. 


Debbie B, Colorado

"I have had the opportunity to watch and film [Luke] as he has worked with these horses... I was more than a little concerned because of their history... I have watched Luke in awe as he has worked with these and other horses. He has turned them from horses of high concern to horses that I want to be around and ride in just three to four sessions working with them. They are now very sweet horses that I would feel extremely comfortable climbing on and riding. In fact, I am now riding the horse of my dreams because of the work done by Luke at Reata Horsemanship. It is truly amazing what he has done!"

Becky K, Arizona

"Fantastic horseman! Luke teaches in a way that makes it easy to understand. He doesn't just tell you what to do, he helps you understand the reason you are doing each discipline with your horse. He is as patient with people as he is with horses. He will forever be my go-to for training. We are first time horse owners and novice riders and he has built confidence in us and understanding of how to work with horses. We are forever grateful." 

Catherine W, Arizona

"Luke helped me live my dream of owning a horse at 74 years young. He trained my Rusty to be safe and fun for me to handle and ride. He also trained me to be a better rider. I recommend Luke to help you bring your dreams of a fun safe horse to own no matter what your age... You will fall in love with this trainer... I am so thankful and grateful for all you are doing for Rusty and me. I finally have the horse of my dreams... I would not trust my horse to too many people. I would trust him to Luke. Amazing results!"

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