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Our mission at Reata Horsemanship is to help you get unstuck and find purpose, passion, and fulfillment in life. This includes helping horsemen and women with the tools and knowledge to create safer and more enjoyable relationships with their horses, and equipping you with the mindset practices to make the most of what life has to offer.

There is too much confusion and frustration with all the advice people get about how to treat their horse, train their horse, and navigate the journey of horsemanship. We are dedicated to cut through the confusion and give you clarity and confidence with your horse. 

With the explosion of technology and social media, many people are consumed with information and entertainment overload, leading to feeling lost and without purpose or fulfillment.  


I Understand You, because I was You

 I wanted my experiences with horses to be fun, not frightening. Growing up on the Reata Ranch in Colorado, I have learned over time that most horse problems happen because of the human. It was through my own mistakes and lack of knowledge that drove me to learning as much as I could about horsemanship.

Get to know Luke Brown

Have you ever felt:

  • Stuck in your horsemanship and your life?¬†
  • Drowned with so much information about horsemanship?
  • Confused with so many conflicting opinions about how to manage your horse, such as tack, feeding, health care, hoof care, training, and more?
  • Embarrassed or scared to try training your horse?
  • Judged by the ladies (and gents) at the barn?
  • Ridiculed online for your heartfelt questions?
  • Unsure about how to buy your first horse?
  • Scared or perplexed by your horse's behavior?¬†
  • Struggles with your physical or mental health?
  • Overwhelmed and out of energy and answers for your horsemanship and your life?
  • Helpless in finding answers to your life's problems?
  • Like life is passing you by, and you're not living up to your potential?
  • That¬†you're letting your horse and other members of your inner circle/family/friends down?¬†

If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, we can help you find solutions.

We understand that life gets busy and life takes you many directions each day.  You feel like you need help, but don't know who to look to. All humans need connection and we need fulfillment.  An unfulfilling life is a tragic life, and too often, people go to their graves not having lived up to their potential and not feeling fulfilled.  

We offer live and online services to fit every horse lover's needs.  Whether you're looking for hands-on help in the form of horsemanship clinics and private lessons, or you'd prefer to learn on your own time via digital courses, virtual clinics, and online lessons, Luke Brown of Reata Horsemanship boasts a community of like-minded horsewomen and men seeking to be better for themselves, their horses, and those they love.


The Reata Horsemanship Membership Community was designed with horse owners and enthusiasts in mind. Receive access to our entire video library, all digital courses & clinics, and interact with other horsemen and women dedicated to improving their lives both in and out of the saddle.

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Learning safe and effective horsemanship methods has never been easier. In addition to our online membership, Reata Horsemanship offers an array of services including our horse training program, private lessons, horsemanship clinics, and more. 

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