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Are you ready to take your horsemanship journey to the next level?

Join a Reata Horsemanship Clinic, where passion and expertise converge to create an extraordinary learning experience. Whether you're a seasoned rider or just starting out, our clinics offer a unique opportunity to enhance your horsemanship skills and forge a deeper connection with your horse.

Discover what a Reata Horsemanship clinic entails below.

Unlock your Full Potential

Reata Horsemanship Clinics are designed to empower you with the knowledge and techniques you need to unlock your full potential as a horseman. With the guidance of renowned trainer Luke Brown, you'll gain valuable insights and develop a solid foundation that will transform your horsemanship journey.

Experience Real-Time Progress 

Our clinics go beyond theory by providing hands-on, real-time problem-solving experiences. You'll witness Luke working with clinic participants, troubleshooting challenges, and guiding them towards breakthrough moments. This interactive approach ensures that you'll witness progress unfold before your eyes and learn how to overcome obstacles effectively.

Create an Enjoyable Partnership

Building a harmonious partnership with your horse is the ultimate goal. At Reata Horsemanship Clinics, you'll discover the groundwork and riding exercises that foster trust, confidence, and enjoyment in your relationship with your equine partner. You'll gain the skills to establish clear communication, stay safe, and build a deeper connection that lasts a lifetime.

Connect with a Like-Minded Community

Our clinics provide a supportive and engaging environment where you can connect with fellow horse enthusiasts who share your dedication to horsemanship. Exchange ideas, share experiences, and create lasting friendships within our vibrant community. Together, we can inspire and motivate each other on this incredible journey.

***Call Stacy at 480-888-5030 to find out more about participating in one of our clinics.***  


Reata Horsemanship Clinics are renowned for their transformative impact on participants' horsemanship skills and the profound connections they foster between horse and rider. Join us for a weekend of learning, laughter, and a genuine passion for horsemanship!

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